Social Media Promotions – Getting Started

Along my journey, I’ve come across so many talented souls who admire my promotional efforts and reach out in desire to learn more. Although success with online promotions will vary from person to person, I’m happy to provide some directions and leads for you to get started.

I highly recommend the world of online promotions for those of you in the chronic illness/invisible illness community. Thanks to the advancement of technology, there is a way to feel like a useful human being, even on your icky days. 

In 2012, I found a site called Influenster which helped me quickly understand the “game” that is played for promotional trades.

Here’s how it works:

  • Make a profile on their site. Link all your social media accounts. The more the merrier. (You get points for sharing on so many different platforms!)
  • Take a handful of simple multiple choice quizzes. – These quizzes will help Influenster understand which boxes you would best qualify for. Pet lover? Mom?  Tell them! You’ll get products that suit you!
  • Fill out reviews for products you already know and love (*this will help you build your score before getting selected for a box*).
  • Wait patiently and check your email regularly. Once you see an email requesting for you to take another quiz, take it immediately.
  • There are limited slots available for each box. It will tell you, if you’re too late, or if while you are answering your questions, they decide you;re not right for the box, it will say thanks and try again. Don’t be discouraged. Don’t feel like you answered something wrong. That box just wasn’t meant for you.
  • Take the quiz and get an option to enter your address? This means you’ve got some #HappyMail on the way!
  • Open your email before/when you open your box, to “check the box in”, letting them know it arrived.
  • Check your “dashboard” and see what tasks they have suggested, beyond the postcard that was included in your box.
  • Brand Badges offer additional opportunities to win.earn partnerships/prizes with the brand you are promoting for. These also give you more points, making it more likely for you to get another invite.
  • *Don’t forget to complete at least a handful of the tasks assigned/requested. Submit your links/ screen shots through your “dashboard”. You will be penalized (not receive invites) for not making any posts, but you don’t have to complete everything assigned.


I recently received this @GiletteVenus “Swirl” razor, with replaceable blades, courtesy of @Influenster’s “Brand Badge” Box program. Super happy with the product, and will likely be getting the replacement heads for it, when the ones provided are out.

Some boxes you receive will be called a “VoxBox”. Those boxes tend to have a variety of goods from different brands, rather than a brand, specific box, like the one photographed.

Looking to sign up for Influenster? I have a few referral link spots available.

Sign up for Influenster here!
(If the link doesn’t work, they ran out! Please sign up, anyway!)


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