#HappyMail Unboxing @LynSweetArt

Lyn (@LynSweetArt) won the scavenger hunt I hosted in December 2015, and received the largest prize package I’ve ever gifted. Contents of the entire Grand Prize was worth well over $2200.00! She was incredibly patient in receiving all of her treats, as delivery took several packages and a wee-bit more time than I expected. She was kind enough to make this #HappyMail Unboxing video to show off the last round of treats that were sent her way.

Dig through the reposted content on @HappyTokesTribe to see all of the other lovely photos Lyn has shared with us, since the first package arrived.

Thanks to all the brands/artists that made this scavenger hunt possible.

Looking forward to another round soon!

If you happen to receive #HappyMail from @HappyTokes, be sure to show off your treats with #HappyTokesTribe to be featured on @HappyTokesTribe.

Videos like this are WAY appreciated too. Thanks again Lyn!

If you’re interested in getting an idea of what the scavenger hunt was all about, I’ve saved links for all posts relating to the 2015 hunt on this Pinterest Board. You may be surprised to find the answers for the riddles still hidden where the riddle leads you. :]

Next Scavenger Hunt scheduled for: Dec 30th 2016 – Jan 2nd 2017


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