GibbonsGlass Pinecone Giveaway

In an Instagram giveaway post hosted by @HappyTokes, sponsored by @GibbonsGlass, heartfelt submissions were gathered from from the tribe in hopes to win a UV reactive @GibbonsGlass @ThirdEyePinecones Necklace.

The prompt stated the following: “Leave a comment below introducing yourself. ✏ Beyond a name and where in the world you are from…Include things like: How you know me (Madison/@HappyTokes) or how were you introduced to the @HappyTokesTribe. Please don’t forget to include a bit about yourself and why you feel connected to the tribe. What struggles have you overcome with the help of cannabis? How are you actively attempting to make the world a better place?”

Meet the Tribe:

  1. red.rumble Hello!!!!! My name is Red, I was given this name not only due to my colored haired but my fiery personality! I currently live in Delaware, I’m a transplant from the Manhattan area and have been here for 14 years. I found @happytokes thanks to an Instagram “suggested based on your likes” posts. I must say, I fell in love with Mad, personality, history, art everything about her. My first big participation with the @happytokestribe was with the scavenger hunt. I am grateful for how kind the tribe is, everyone is full of love when we live in a world that promotes way too much hate. 💕 I’ve had a total of 5… this is hard to remember maybe 6 concussions over a 6 year span. Instead of taking pain killer after pain killer, anxiety pill after anxiety pill, I decided to naturally medicate myself with cannabis. I did a number to my brain and pills were just killing my liver, mind, and soul. I’m still bouncing back, but have the support of my home tribe to get me to where I once was mentally and physically. (My poor frontal lobe probably hates me). I work a lot, almost too much. One of my favorite jobs is when I’m on the road selling vape juice and equipment to those who are looking to quit smoking cigarettes. To this day the company I have worked with has helped over 6000 people quit smoking cigarettes. That’s an amazing feeling even when I’m worn out from being on my feet for hours, throat sore from spreading the benefits by word of mouth. 💕 some days I just lurk the posts of the tribe as I can’t always take a lot of time away from my job. Thankfully due to post notifications I am able to see @happytokes smiling face throughout the day to help me get through another hour of the day. 💙💜 I am happy to be part of this group, I am grateful to have ever stumbled upon Madison. 💜💖💗💛💚💙 @ennire join the tribe baby girl, these people are our people/
    • jennywakeandbake @red.rumble girl I feeeel for you! Im glad you are doing better and that cannabis has been such a help!!When I was younger I fell down a set of stairs and cracked my head off a cement wall..when I came to i had.. Well crapped myself. Sorta laughing it off i proceeded to go to a music festival for three days. Ughh my poor head. Went to the drs a week later and its a damn good thing I did. Had a real bad concussion with some swelling and was basically on bed rest for a month. I can see the difference in my brain function thats for sure. Cannabis has been really helpful when it comes to focusing and reading,I notice .PSA IF U BUMP UR HEAD DONT BE A DUMMY GO TO THE DRS!
    • red.rumble@jennywakeandbake 😊💕 thanks girl! I have a wonderful lump that my one doctor thinks is calloused bone at the top of my hair line. I’m a crooked unicorn now🦄
  2. dabba_the_hutt Hello #happytokestribe beautiful people ❤️💚💙 my name is Katie- but everyone calls me Kat. I live in beautiful Colorado with the mountains 🏔⛰ I live with my boyfriend and our very best friend- growing Cannabis and ourselves each and everyday. I have recently been getting into CBD high strains- because of all the health benefits- and in the future I would love to be able to breed strains that are primarily for people with health problems- and that ease their specific problem. ❤️ I want to be a healer. I myself struggle with a lot of anxiety issues- and Chromes disease, so Cannabis is the best medicine for calming me down- and helping me eat and have an active day! Each day I try to spread as much happiness back to people as they have spread to me. Even if it’s just a smile- I want anyone who has an interaction with me to be a positive one. I think the most important thing we can give people is love- so I’m a big ball of it ❤️❤️ I found the @happytokestribe just by fate one day- scrolling through my feed and saw Madison’s beautiful face 😊 I loved the energy you spread and I loved how you actually CARE about us. I strive to be like you 💚 I have been blessed with some stickers of your beautiful face and they are on my phone for you to see every beautiful place I go. 💚thanks for this amazing opportunity to own one of these beautiful pieces. I have always wanted a @thirdeyepinecones and I would be blessed to get one ❤️ especially this one that is a collab with such a talented glass artist ❤️ @gibbs_glass ❤️ have a beautiful day. @talakai710 ❤️❤️bae look at this beautiful giveaway ❤️❤️
    • dabba_the_hutt Thanks to all the beautiful souls I’ve met through this post 💕
    • Agreed @dabba_the_hutt so many wonderful people in one place!!💖💖
  3. quietpeace I’m Emily!! I live in MI. I found the tribe from my amazing friend @fountainfontaine telling me about Madison!! (: i don’t really post much about my relationship with cannabis, but it helps me with my anxiety a lot. I generally only use it as needed. I love that medical cards are available in MI, and I’m hoping that more positive cannabis laws are voted in soon. I’m patiently waiting for it to be legalized here! 😁 I love that Madison is (&can be) so open and honest about her medicine♡ I’ve known a few to many people on the same mission get their IG accounts shut down due to lack of understanding of cannabis as a medicine. Keep spreading the love everyone!!! I sincerely love that Madison existing and has created the #HappyTokesTribe ♡ &also, @gibbs_glass is beyond talented!!! I’m so excited for a tribe member to be gifted something so amazing!!! Thank you @gibbs_glass & @happytokes for this awesome opertunity!! ♡ Oh…. friends…. 😅… @fountainfontaine @scootsallot@dazeymoonflower @zeldalove_x y’all would pry be super into this♡
  4. kttolbert Heyyy! My name is Katie, I’m new to the tribe 😁 I just moved to ATL with a new job in digital marketing. You excel in the art of digital marketing, but with the ability to actually better people and offering products/advice that betters others and the environment. I hope one day I will have the ability to show my talents through outlets like you have! I love @thirdeyepinecones ever since I feel in love with them and the story when I strolled upon them at Bonnaroo. Cannabis has allowed me to grow as a person, I was headed down the wrong path in life until cannabis opened my eyes. I live a happier, healthier and more excepting life now. And I try to express that to others any chance I get. I would love to be chosen 😍 happy 7/10 to all! @endresta
  5. spiral flow This is just so kind of you both! 😊 I am Allyssa, hailing from a tiny town in IL called Alton. I found sweet Madison through the explore feature on IG – and I’m grateful for it! I’ve been a cannabis user for several years. It changed my life when I realized it helped me drop sleeping pills and arthritis meds in just days. Also helped me get off migraine Rx, bringing me to be totally pill free! I can sleep well, walk and ride my bike and function normally, and no longer struggle with the pain that is migraine headaches. It really is a miracle herb. I don’t openly post about my fun times with cannabis but hope with evolving stigmas I may one day feel comfortable enough to share that part of my life with others (who don’t know me in person 😉). I also enjoy hooping, crafting, tea time, animals, and all things crystals ❤️ The tribe has connected me with so many like minded individuals, kind and open hearted people. That’s all I can ask for! I love the overall positivity and message being spread through @happytokestribe 💚 I do my best to contribute to that positive vibe by posting uplifting comments and photos. I strive to leave our Earth better than we found it by avidly recycling, up cycling, eating vegan, and living simply yet wholly. Thank you for being, and for all who are a part of this awesome lil fam 🍁💚✨Gratitude & blessings ☺️ tagging @bonghitsandtinytits
    • hapahun@spiralflow Lol, I’m completely biased but I think it’s a good name! And thank you so much, hun
    • hapahun@spiralflow In things like this, it’s so easy to feel like what you say gets lost in the chaos so getting your comment made my day 😍💕 And I buy 🙂
    • spiralflowIt’s very pretty! @hapahunand unique, which is always neat! I’ve been peeping at Auntie Dolores vegan treats, looking forward to trying them. Where I live my condition doesn’t qualify me for MMJ (IL has the most restrictions of course). I hope to live one day soon in a place I can easily buy them but I’ve thought about trying to make my own, which is why I asked ☺️ thanks for your kindness & I hope your night is blessed! ✨
  6. blonde vagabond I’m Kelsey and have been following @happytokes for over a year at this point I believe. I currently live in Salem, MA but have been a bit of a vagabond during my 20s, living in PA, AZ, AK and from Ohio. My husband and I are getting ready to move back to Ohio to start our family 😊 I stumbled upon @happytokes account through the search feed. Your amazing smile caught my attention and so did your @segrasoul Mary Jane crop top. Your openness and activism has really helped me become more open myself with friends and family regarding cannabis medicating. My husband and I were in a car accident which left him with a broken back a little over 2 years ago. He was prescribed a lot of pain killers which just didn’t help. We were forced to leave AK for better medical treatment and since MA has legal medical cannabis and readily available dispensaries, he’s been able to completely get of PKs and only medicates with the green goodness. His success with it has even opened my family to the usage of it which they were wildly opposed to beforehand. In my professional life, I help counsel individuals with disabilities in their return to work. I help provide the supports and services necessary for so many to become employed. I wake up every day knowing that I can make a positive difference in the lives of others and it’s such a gratifying feeling. I’m so happy to have found the @happytokestribe and have made connections with a good amount of tribe members including @otterkhaos@hay_nolan @whitssmoketrail@lynsweetart and her awesome adventure account @therollingstudio. I’ve received countless advice from so many others and am grateful for the opportunity to interact with such a forward thinking group! @sonsofcannarchy make sure you check this out! @flowerchilld hope you get a chance to check this post out! @gibbs_glass creations remind me of your tie dye jobs!
    • otterkhaosI’m just stopping by to acknowledge and thank @lynsweetart and @blondevagabond. It’s really interesting to me how you can connect with people online first, you just know there’s genuine goodness in them, and then you learn a bit about their history. You ladies are awesome, keep up the good fight 💓✌🙌💃
    • flowerchilldBless!! Much love! thank you so much💚💙🌟 @blondevagabond
    • blondevagabond@otterkhaos thank you for the kind words! I share the same sentiment with you! You’ve quickly become one of my favorite photography accounts!!
    • otterkhaos@blondevagabond Eeeek! That means so much to me!!! I’ve only recently started really focusing on my photography so hearing that you like my work makes me well up 😍😍😍
    • blondevagabondAh!! So many up lifting stories in here! I look forward to the day we can all be open about medicating and not have to worry about repercussions such as wrongful termination from employment and arrests that lead to unfair imprisonment. I can’t remember who said it after reading through over 100 comments but someone called big pharma and pharmacies the real drug dealers and I couldn’t agree more. Not as much money to make on a natural plant as there is to make on pills made in a lab and it’s a shame bc there really is no place for profit in our health care system (not to mention our prison systems)! @whitssmoketrailthank you so much for the congrats (entry post #34)! It’s such an exciting time for us, we are over the moon for our little growing bean! And it really is amazing to see the TREMENDOUS difference cannabis vs pain killers has made for my husband. He went from being in excruciating pain and a brain fog all the time, to getting his pain levels to a manageable level and regaining his focus and alertness! Cannabis is such a giving plant from medicine to food to paper and rope, I just don’t understand how it can still be so demonized! The comments in this post alone are a true testiment to the amazing properties of this natural substance!
  7. rbostek Aye Im Rosie! I know @happytokes through my friend Natasha who I know from CCS, my mom also taught her in college there. I smoke for a better life. I have severe anxiety, depression and bi polar and smoking helps immensely. It helped me overcome anorexia in high school before I was legal too. Also menstrual cramps a dab makes the cramps and back pain disappear 👌 I am off all prescription medication because of smoking 🌲. ❤️
    • happytokesHi @rbostek! Thanks for introducing yourself. Natasha is the reason I have so many published pieces under my belt, as she recommended me for my job writing medical marijuana reviews for @ireadculture. Since that opportunity was handed me I have worked so hard to educate myself daily and better understand the plant that I’m so proud to call my medicine. Additionally, I’ve had the opportunity to write several nationally distributed medical marijuana based news pieces … These opportunities came to me because of the kindness of a friend. ✨❤️ So happy to have made the connection! 💫
  8. jennywakeandbake Hey, @happytokes today I am going to take some time to tell you a part of my self you haven’t gotten to know. Before I was this woman of cannabis love, enthusiasm and activism I was a teenager filled with rage. My rage was caused by being misunderstood. I was constantly being grounded for smelling of weed and accused of being “high”. My family loved to make me feel like i was a drug addict and a loser becaused i believed in cannabis. Cannabis was just as welcome under my roof as Hitler! I started smoking cannabis to be just like my brother; man I looked up to him so much.. But it quickly grew into something much deeper. I would use it for anxiety and insomnia before i even knew thats what I was doing. My mom and brother would fight and scream and argue, Id tell them I was going on a hike in between shrieks of hatred and off id go into the forest with a joint. Id find a rock and smoke and watch the leaves dance in the beams of sun and forget the war happening in my house and I was able to build stability and strength with in myself to not let my family put me down for something I KNEW WAS RIGHT. I felt so alone for years surrounded by people that love me and have made me birthday cakes for 22 years, because I believed in cannabis. They are still my family and they still love me, I know. But the love and support and kindness I receive from you and the rest of the @happytokestribe is just incredible and inspiring and I wake up knowing I am a part of something really special and meaningful and it pushes me to be better for myself and the tribe. 💕
  9. nightlynova Hello tribe! My name is Dayle and I found @happytokes through social media and local press! I am so lucky to live so close the Ann Arbor and their @ireadculture magazine. This is where I first saw HappyTokes being happy. It was refreshing. I’ve conquered my biggest hurtle with cannabis – myself. My fear of the world, the anxiety I have, the chronic pain, all of it had been cured by my relationship with non other than a plant. I owe my self loving freedom to cannabis. And I thank you @happytokes for giving all of us a platform and reason the share! I ordered my very first @thirdeyepinecones last night! @gibbs_glass thank you so much for this opportunity and for teaming up with @happytokestribe! Check out my page for affordable original acrylic paintings!! I paint to create and I sell it to share the joy of visual art! Please DM with any interests!! 😸 happy #710 💚💙💜 @mr.martian_marv

  10. curlycarrotcake Hi, my name is Dee and I live in Maryland! I started following you (Madison!) about a year and a half ago– I think– when I started researching MJ activists on social media. Love the vibe and the communication. It’s genuine and fun! I used to struggle with crippling anxiety, and cannabis helped me first with the insomnia that stemmed from that. Eventually, I was able to get off of all my antidepressants and anxiety medications. It’s fucking amazing. My contribution to the world– my calling– is to be a memory keeper. Im an archivist, and the best part is being able to voice what I think needs saving in our history. Right now, I do local Maryland history, and I curate some digital archives of stuff relevant to my interests– cannabis, music festivals, political situations, etc. Also, @sarahpops you should check this out!
  11. ganja_belle My name is Isabelle, or Belle! I am currently living in Arizona. Cannabis has helped me with so many things, but mostly pain management. Both from things like doing a bunch of sports growing up, and menstrual pains. It also helps to calm me down a bit as I’m pretty tightly wound and high-anxiety! I feel connected to this tribe because ever since I first came across your page it made me so happy and want to be more greatly involved within the community. I love reading your reviews and blog posts, and seeing all the love and positivity you spread through interactions and giveaways like this! I would be honored for the opportunity to be involved in this giveaway as I was just looking into purchasing a pinecone for my boyfriend for his birthday! Spreading positive vibes to the tribe as always. Enjoy this beautiful Sunday! @hannabiss check this out! 😍😍
  12. jessie1920 Names Jessica from Michigan, I found out about @happytokes on Facebook to be honest what got me hooked was the background music on one of the videos. 🎶 all I really need by vindata🎶 I knew then that it was meant to be. Love music connection.😁 cannabis saved my life. I have severe depression and I’ve been on lots of different medications, I was just sick of being numb and cannabis gave me the greatest gift of being myself and enjoying life to the fullest. My long term goal is to help legalize cannabis in the state of Michigan and make more natural products using CBD oils. If I could tag someone else to win would be my grandmother. I’m her current caregiver as of 2016 because she had a major stroke last year that put her in a weal chair and her left hand useless. She’s a left handed artist so it’s been a rough year. But she’s trying out cannabis for the first time and I see promise and hopefully her passion back. Anyways I’m so happy your doing this. Means a lot you guys are spreading the love and being selfless. Happy 710 ✌🏽❤️☺️ I forgot to say I may not post a lot on my page about cannabis because I have family under the age of 18 but I did make a second page called @happyhealthy_high in the hopes to show my adventure/journey with cannabis ✌🏽️❤️😁
  13. sweetfreak420baker Hey ya, my name is Chelsea and I live in Toronto, Canada. I haven’t met you yet personally @happytokes but hope to!! I came across your profile through friends who have followed you for quite some time @tweedledoob & @ms_kushtush Cannabis has helped me throughout most of my life, I think I can honestly say I’m a Canadian version of Pearly SweetCake from Shel Silverstein’s The Great Smoke Off!!!! I have been using Cannabis for 18 of my 32 years, started recreationally, but didn’t realize till a few yeas ago that I was self medicating when I was 14. I suffer from anxiety, depression, ocd, add, ptsd, arthritis, a massive abdominal hernia(which I have been living with for the last 11 years), sever nerve damage in my abdomin and the list goes on…..Cannabis helps alleviate ALL my issues and makes me aboe to enjoy my life to the fullest!!! I am an activist, baker, and patient advocate, I try my hardest to help those that I can and always happy to toke with anyone who doesn’t have any tokes! 💑 @tweedledoob & @ms_kushtush you guys should get in on this awesome giveaway!!!!!
  14. lynsweetart Hey there my name is Lyn Sweet! I just saw this post because of @blondevagabond and reading her post made me smile so much! I love that I have connected with @hay_nolan @otterkhaos and @whitssmoketrail too, it’s like we are all a mini HappyTokes tribe! I have been following @happytokes for a little over a year now and have been constantly blown away by the community’s growth and the friendly people who interact on this account – it is surely my favorite group of people on Instagram. It also gives me a sense of calm knowing that so many other people need to use cannabis to naturally medicate their nausea, eating habits and help make them feel themselves again. I have struggled to keep on weight since I was 14 years old – I am always told I need to eat a cheeseburger even though they don’t know the struggle behind being so small. Medicating in this way is not always accepted by all but the people I care about understand that it helps me tremendously keep the little weight that I do have, on. Meeting people with the same struggles and interests is such a blessing, I couldn’t ask for a better way to reach out with social media. 😊
    • otterkhaosI’m just stopping by to acknowledge and thank @lynsweetart and @blondevagabond. It’s really interesting to me how you can connect with people online first, you just know there’s genuine goodness in them, and then you learn a bit about their history. You ladies are awesome, keep up the good fight 💓✌🙌💃
    • red.rumbleI found @lynsweetart thanks to @happytokes 😄🖌❤💜
    • blondevagabond@lynsweetart you are perfect just the way you are! I find it so hard to believe that some people don’t recognize that telling someone they’re skinny or to eat a cheeseburger can be just as offensive as telling someone they are fat or to eat a salad. So glad you’ve found some comfort in medicating with cannabis! Keep on being awesome-sauce! ✌ If you find yourself in Ohio during your van travels, I hope our paths cross!
    • lynsweetart@red.rumble yaya! So glad you found me through her, I love that!
    • lynsweetart thank you @blondevagabond I appreciate that post a lot! I try to make people understand that by telling them just that; you shouldn’t comment on someone else’s weight no matter fat or skinny; you don’t know what battle they are fighting. I wish it was easy as one two three here’s a slice a pizza now I have muscles again. But no….its a struggle that I never realized so many people go through. we would love to swing by and see you when we make it to Ohio! Our plans have shifted quite a bit but we may be in Ohio around October 🚐💨
    • lynsweetart@dabba_the_hutt I love reading your story after seeing you like-bomb my page!! You’re an inspiration and seem like you truly are a happy healer. Keep up the positivity because it truly rubs off on people – like me! Isn’t this collab just jaw dropping?? This needs to happen more often – great artists coming together, it’s what makes the world go round I think.
    • dabba_the_hutt@lynsweetart thanks so much💚that made my day. I try my best to spread as much love as I receive daily!! But I LOVE it. It’s truly beautiful when two talented artists can come together and make something remarkable.
  15. aprimavista1021 Hey tribe! My name is Heather. I’m from southeastern Michigan! I’ve been following the tribe now for a few months. What drew me into this community was the positivity and good spirit spread by @happytokes and the rest of the @happytokestribe!! Marijuana has been a part of my life for the past 12 years. It helps with my insomnia, anxiety, depression and nausea. I love to hear others spread the therapeutic benefits of marijuana and educate the masses. I also love the products that we get exposed to by following! There is sooo much wonderful positive energy here!!
    • aprimavista1021If only the world could see through the eyes of the tribe. It would be a better place for all. I loved reading all of these entries!!
  16. ashy_0987 I met you through adding pages and then I was like she definitely my favorite you have the best attitude all the time and your smile is electrifying! I am a stay at home mom to our beautiful baby girl who is turning 3 on the 24th :(.. I’ve used marijuana for years to help treat my PTSD I had a bad life growing up, I would wake from dream consisting on watching animals decay and yeah it messed up but, now I sleep great. I absolutely love you and all things you stand for! @happytokes@happytokestribe we need more positive people around the world. ❤️
  17. the_pot_fairy From a big town in Colorado to a small town in Arkansas and back again, I’m Mikiah but friends call me Kiah 😊 I’ve been a cannabis activist for approximately 9 years now, I currently work at a head shoppe in downtown Co Springs. I sought out this job to educate and enlighten others as well as myself. I had a pretty normal life until I was a young teen, when my mother’s drug addiction landed us on the streets. I was homeless and couch hopping for about 4 years until I was able to acquire my first apartment at 16, at which point I offered my mother an opportunity to get clean and move back in with me. I had already been smoking for 3 years at this point. My mom moved in with me and started the life long battle against addiction, I strongly believe that had it not been for Mary Jane during the next year of my life, my mother would have gone back to drugs and if not my hormonal 16 year old self would have started. I’ve self medicated for depression and insomnia as well as a device to stay away from drugs and alcohol. (don’t get me wrong I like an occasional drink) My mother used to medicate to get through DT’s and now, for arthritis, depression and pain management due to fibro and scoliosis. She is doing much better these days! I try to show everyone but especially younger people that it doesn’t matter what situation you come from or what you are going through that you can overcome and make the life you want! My mother has been clean for almost 10 years now!! I now live in a beautiful home surrounded by people I love!! We are huge outdoor enthusiasts that do our best to take care of mother nature and all her creatures!! I was lucky enough to come by @happytokes through her @cambio_ page and instantly fell in love with her amazing positive spirit and her full on cannabis love!! She is truly an inspirational person and a breathtakingly kind and beautiful soul!!Because of her I strive to educate and end stigma wherever I can as well as spread as much love as possible. I’m simply enthralled by @thirdeyepinecones so beautiful!! So that is me and it’s a pleasure to know you!! Much love and good vibes to all💖
  18. flowerchilld helllo my name is Hannah, i am from VA🌻 I know Madison through and have been able to connect with her through Instagram. She is always showing tremendous amounts of support for my home business #righteousdyes , as i do with the #happytokestribe 🙏🏻 I hand out stickers with all my tie dye orders and love surprising my customers with a lil something extra that comes from and represents such a wonderful lil community💚 Cannabis has helped me in a number of ways but has always been there for me significantly with my health, sleep issues and pain. I have always preferred all natural healing rather than prescription drugs and pills🍁 I help the world to be a better place everyday by living a plant based lifestyle where I don’t buy, use or eat any animal products. In doing so, in just 1 day I save about 1100 gallons of water, 45lbs of grain, 30 sq ft of forest, 10lbs of CO2, and at least 1 animal🌎🌊🌞🐅🌱 As well as represent and educate others on this lifestyle as much I can🙂 Gibbons does such beautiful glass work and I would absolutely love to wear and call a thirdeyepinecone-gibbsglass collab my own😍🌟💙💚 Much love and thanks for this super rad opportunity, Madison and Gibbons!
  19. mommyannpope My name is Jimiann, but the people I spend every second of my life with refer to me as “mama”. I live in Denver, CO; and I am a warrior of Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis. I am also a 27 year old mother of 2 handsome little men, and a wife. If it weren’t for MMJ I could not live my dream of being a stay at home, home schooling mother. Because of this miracle plant, I can not only tend to their every need when I’m very ill…but it also breaks open the chains and locks on a jail of pain and discomfort that people with these diseases know all to well. 💚🍁✌🏻️
  20. beckywarunek My name is Becky! I’m from the metro Detroit area in MI. I discovered @happytokes a little over a year ago thanks to @straycafe who has had the pleasure of photographing Madison’s beauty in the past. I was drawn to her initially because of her lovely hemp creations. I made a few purchases and loved that my money was going to a good, honest woman with a heart wrenching story. I have struggled with negative thoughts and people throughout my life and it has been a constant battle. The #happytokestribe has been a fountain of optimism that I feed off of in times of need. I personally don’t use cannabis but I have many loved ones in my life that find peace through medicating and I have mad respect for all the stories I have heard. As a future health care professional, I find that I am often the minority in being open minded and accepting of the choice to medicate with cannabis. I hope to be a part of a future movement that enlightens the closed minded. @awhbrey I think you would fit naturally in this family and love this pinecone!❤️👽
  21. macosaurus_rex Hi everyone/Madison! My name is Laura, and I’m from Calgary, Alberta Canada 🙂 I’ve only been following @happytokes for a week or so! I discovered her/you because I started my journey with medical marijuana about a month ago. Your page has been such a blessing to me!! I come from a very strict religious background, and even medical marijuana is frowned upon, so I have been feeling very very alone and unsure in my journey. I’ve been on prescription medication for insomnia, depression, anxiety and stomach problems for 9 years now. I’ve been slowly starting to change my life! I started work at a yoga studio this year, and am now working towards becoming a yoga teacher, I am just starting out a vegetarian, and am trying marijuana for my health. I have a good feeling about everything. I’m trying to be a better, more positive person and that’s why I love the happy tokes tribe! I have already starting following a couple new people, like @flowerchilld and it makes me so happy. I love the support, encouragement, selflessness and optimism of the community. It’s so different from what I’m used to. It’s helping me feel courage in my decision, and it’s giving me strength to carry on now that I feel like I have people behind me instead of against me 🙂 Thank you so much for your generous give aways, and how active you are with your community ❤️☮🦄
    • beckywarunek😚 @macosaurus_rex I feel you, baby! I grew up with a strong religious background. The positivity flow is the best and you won’t be disappointed with the love and genuine kindness within this group of people. Welcome!💞
    • macosaurus_rexAhhhh thank you so much @beckywarunek 🙂 you made my day.
  22. hippie7love Hello, I’m Valerie and I live in south Florida. I started medicating regularly about a year ago for pain, depression, anxiety, sleep problems. As my health issues progress, I’m now also medicating for nausea and IBS. I also smoke for pleasure when appropriate. My Instagram shows my journey through becoming vegetarian, losing weight, unschooling, and now I will be focusing more on cannabis, my journey to find inner peace, and spiritual practices for the soul. I found @happytokes through Facebook while I was watching cannabis videos. Decided to check out the Instagram and instantly fell in love with the vibe. I try to keep my Instagram as my little safe haven. Only accounts that bring a smile to my face and beautiful souls.
  23. reggio_franco Hiiiii … Robert from Metro Detroit ✋ I believe I connected while medicating and endlessly scrolling IG lol I feel that the Tribe has helped me be more open of my own love for cannibus and just a sense that so many out there appreciate this all natural flower that grows in the ground … There’s no need to hide that! People are surprised that I’m a very active triathlete and still medicate. I’m an adrenaline junkie whose ran with the bulls, a music festival enthusiast who lives for festi culture + the magic that develops from the positive vibes and forever memories with old and brand new friends 🔮 I try to keep that high energy and the high fives going upon returning to real life ha @nellorado >>> CK this page out! Happy Sunday y’all 💭💭 @melissuhh_dude@stoner_life24 @dontevenclaire
  24. wanderlustminddesign @happytokeshey! Angela from Reading, PA. I stumbled across your page and saw that you also were a CVS survivor (like myself) 🙂 and have been following ever since. It’s great to see someone else with the same condition, and to be spreading awareness of the medicinal properties marijuana has to offer, not just for CVS but for chronic illness as well. Your page is super creative and inspiring. Keep being Happy 🙂 @sonnekenazcheck out her page 🙂 doing a pinecone giveaway
  25. ms.marina.v Hello from Connecticut, 💁🏼 my name is Marina and I’ve been following Madison and the tribe for quite a while now because she’s great inspiration and seems like a really rad chick. I appreciate the feeling of community she brings to Instagram. I love dogs, baking and medicating 🙆🏼 it helps me overcome my anxiety and CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome). I appreciate getting to know a lot of cool people and products as part of the tribe!
  26. doobiedrewby Hello babe! Drew from Salem Oregon here. 😋I just discovered you recently from @gibbs_glass! (Thanks so much man her posts are amazing!) One of my biggest passions in life is glass. Ever since I was little I loved looking at all the beautiful pendants my mom and dad had and eventually they all became mine because I wore them so much. 😉 😂 Fumed glass especially has always caught my eye. (I see that stunning fumed center 😵💦😭) My dream is to own a glass shop someday, and be a Glassblower. It will take lots of hard work and $ I know, but I am so determined to spend the rest of my life doing/around what I love. I hope I can bless people with my work someday like all the incredibly generous artists and people on Insta. I’ve never seen such a generous community! I’ve always wanted a third eye pinecone. There literally so stunning, wood and glass together!? Oh wow. 😍 Ive admired @gibbs_glass fumed work for awhile now & it would be a blessing to own something from him. This would be a dream come true, truly. I’d wear it every single day and I promise you it would have a FOREVER home, and I mean forever!! @maace @angelaradio@angelgirlbaby04 check this out 😵 I just found out about the amazing @happytokestribe! I’d love to be apart of such an amazing foundation! Anything with happy in the name I’m 110% down for because that’s all I try to be. 🙂 Marijuanna has done tons for me also. I used to struggle with an eating disorder and nothing helps me more than 🍁. I’m one of the MANY people that suffer from depression and I’ve always noticed smoking a bowl will take my mind away from my worries. Also I’ve always been a huge night owl and have struggled with getting to bed before 3am since I was a kid. Marijuanna has changed that so I can sleep at normal times again. 🙂 Thanks for this out of this world chance @happytokes & @gibbs_glass!
  27. leahbanaszewski I’m from the great mitten, here in Troy! My name is Leah Banaszewski. I have been a follower for about a year and a half! I stubbled upon your page on the explore page, and loved it right from the get go. Having a family and friends who just don’t seem to get the lifestyle it’s hard to talk about within my everyday life. So with that being said I felt right at home, here and within your AWESOME tribe. I’m so happy to be apart of this and that I get to interact with such awesome people on the daily. I’m trying to be more active, sometimes through nerves and worrying what people would think used to stop me. But I realized really fast how open and welcoming you and all your followers really are. Thank you you so much for starting this and welcoming us all, no matter what, into your life. 💖🌞 much love #happytokestribe #love #fam
  28. lisacharlotte_Hi I’m Lisa from southeast Massachusetts!🤗 I started following happy tokes as well as thirdeye pinecone a while back, both referred to from friends. Having happy tokes on my Instagram feed gives me a little bit of positivity everyday when I see it and I love seeing what message you’re sharing that day!☀️❤️ I love what you stand for and are all about. Not only are you such a positive soul but you advocate cannabis for a healthy lifestyle and medicinal use which is much needed awareness in today’s society. I use cannabis to lead a more happy life as well as put my stress and anxiety filled mind at ease!😌 I try to make the world a better place by spreading positivity to everyone around me hoping they will spread it as well, always knowing what I put out will come back to me☯ I’m also a super advocate for animals and the environment!🐶🌍 Every little act can help make a difference and I try to whenever I can! I’ve always had my eye on getting a thirdeye pinecone so receiving this one would be extra special. Either way, being able to connect and share here with such positive people is amazing😊 Thank you for the opportunity! P.s. @jonny_cmmtr check this ish out😉
  29. sofl_buckeye710 I’m cassie and I’m from a place called pompano bch florida. I’m 21 years post kidney transplant awaiting to have my second one. I was introduced to your work thru ig. Because I admire the creative things yall come up with. Anyways I’m currently on dialysis and if you know anyone who’s ever gone thru a transplant or dialysis, it’s not something that’s easy and it’s very frustrating, time consuming and uncomfortable. Unfortunately in fl my oil meds are super illegal and if I get caught I’m going to jail which is a bunch of bs. Not even 5 years ago I was diagnosed with a really rare disease called myastina gravis which is very similar to ms and as you know the thc and cbds are great for all sorts of things, but #1 it helps with my pain. I try to give ppl who don’t understand it a better understanding that it’s not a drug, the real drug dealers are your cvs/walgreens pharmacist.
    • nightlynova@buckeyes710 thank you for sharing. I hope you can get your new kidney soon. Sending you positive vibes from the mitten state. Stay strong love!!
    • sofl_buckeye710@nightlynova I’ve gotten more positive vibes from you and others here on ig and I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am to have people who don’t know me personally to send me positivity. I’ve gotten more love from yall than my own blood shows me, so ty it means the world…hope everyone has an amazing monday. As mine will be spent in a dialysis chair doing what I do best! #gethigh #watchtv #dialysissux#gottadowhatigottadotolive
    • nightlynova@buckeyes710 just know love is out there and you are beautiful 😘 check out shameless! It’s my favorite right now and it’s on Netflix. 💜✌️🖖 stay 💪
  30. audreykostler Hello everyone😌 My name is Audrey, and I currently reside in Virginia Beach (although originally from San Diego). I would describe myself as a free spirit, I go with the flow and I want to influence the world with my creativity 🌏🌿 I know Madison, because she’s related to my fiancé in a very unique way & I feel like my fiancé and her finally realizing they were family after all these years is such a lucky thing to have happened, almost TOO lucky. Like finding a four leaf clover☘ for us all to connect when the chances were so slim, what with there being billions on billions of people in this world, is absolutely insane and blows my mind. The instant I talked to Madison, she felt like my sister; a beautiful, genuine soul that I felt close with even the first time we ever talked. 💕 It’s absolutely crazy how life works like that, the world works in such astonishing ways sometimes and it makes me feel so humbled to just be a human on this earth going with it all and seeing where this life takes me. Although only being part of it for a short time, the Happy Tokes tribe and Madison make me feel like I’m home. It’s a blessing that I’m so grateful for. As a person, I’m the type of person whose happiest when I’ve got my pinecones on my neck, my reggae playing, and a paintbrush in hand and a canvas in front of me on a beautiful summer day.🌞 I try to make the world a better place, by making people happy and by spreading happiness and positivity to everyone I come across 🌻💛 This world could always use a little more happiness. I enjoy going on adventures, and seeing how beautiful this world is, and seeing how amazing the people who inhabit it are. I used to be a bit negative, but as soon as I just accepted the fact that life was gonna take me where I belonged and that I just had to go with it; true happiness came to me and I want to spread that happiness and those good vibes to everyone. 🌲✨
  31. 7wallfl0w3r I’m Kayla and I first found your page through a mutual friend and cannabis lover! I’ve suffered (AH HEM have SURVIVED!!!!!😁😁😁) major depression and anxiety for as long as I remember. It became so dysfunctional to my life that I gave up on all that I loved, including myself. I became a hermit because I was literally just a shell. It seemed like my soul had disappeared and would never come back. That’s when my best friend introduced me to cannabis. We started out slowly socializing again after I had been missing in action for quite some time. We would hang out starting with meditation, talk about our self-goals, listen to each other for accountability, and hike. All while under the beautiful and freeing influence of cannabis. It became a transformation period for me and I owe it all of course to my best friend but also to the healing powers of marijuana. It really felt like the universe was speaking straight to me through it because at that time in my life, I was so closed off to any and everything. Nothing had ever worked. Nothing had ever made me feel so comfortable and understood. But cannabis has unlocked a person I never knew existed. I still have my bad days and I still have brief moments where I want to give up. But I don’t. I fight because I’m worth it and every single human on this planet deserves the same. I hope one day we can all treat out illnesses whether, mental or physical with the healing powers of this plant. It saved my life. It opened my eyes to a whole other world. One where I love myself and who I’m becoming. Love to all you fighters out there. #blessup#alwayskeepfighting #cannabisheals#destroytheego #becomethyself#evolutionlove #evolutioncannabis @itsarave you should enter if you haven’t already!
  32. fairymamaHi I am Fairymama lol.💜💜💜😘✨✨✨I am a mother of 3 wonderful children and also a loving wife to a wonderful man.I am a spoonie/crohnie and started following many years ago for like reasons.I moved to California about 2 years ago.Drove cross country.Just picked up and left New York.California has very different laws on medical marijuana and support my right to smoke as a patient who needs it to live life.So happy to be part of this wonderful tribe.Has helped me in so many ways.Love and light 💜💜💜✨✨✨💨💨💨🌲🔮🌲😘😘😘
  33. mermaid.dollface Hi y’all, my name is Haley. I’ve been following @happytokes for a little over 3 years now 😳🤓 I instantly fell in love with Madison’s feed through her photos and good vibes. ✨ I reside on the east coast in New Jersey. Cannabis has helped me with my depression/anxiety and PTSD since I stopped prescription medication. I feel SO MUCH better these days thanks to a plant 🍁💖 I truly don’t know what I’d do without it in my life. @happytokestribe is definitely a huge inspiration for myself considering I don’t live in an area where cannabis is legalized… (yet) but it has certainly helped me learn more about this community. I look at this community the way I look at my close friends and family, you guys are what keep me going and feeling confidence in myself and how I present myself. So for that; thank you. ❤️🙌🏼 I strive to help others with their own personal struggles and bumps. We can all make this world a better place with small things like saying hello and being respectful to others. Don’t ignore the things around you because life is fragile as we can all see with everything happening in the world. Don’t hate life, appreciated it. Find the positivity in everything you do. Love you and thank you for this opportunity! 💖 @happytokes @gibbs_glass@thirdeyepinecones @happytokestribe check it out @princess__high ✨
  34. whitssmoketrail Hey, I’m Whitney! I started following @happytokes over a year ago💕I was living in VA, scrolling through weedy hashtags, when these beautiful dreadlocks popped from the feed. I was immediately drawn to Madison’s positive energy, openness, kindness, & generosity!🔮✨She encouraged all of these things, & created a tribe of like minded people👫👬👭I stumbled across this account during a time in my life when I didn’t have many ppl around to connect with, the people I was around were most certainly NOT cannabis friendly, & I was actually having to travel a bit to re up👎🏼I have a lot of anxiety, & with that some strange appetite fluctuations (can be too much or not enough!) & cannabis absolutely helps!🍁✨ It was incredibly uplifting to find this tribe, people who smoked & lived life & believed in it, just like I did. It’s so much easier to be confident when you have the support, & I’ve loved being a part of the @happytokestribe!☀️ it is a constant source of sunshine everyday!☀️💕🔮✨🌻🍃🎨🌀@blondevagabondI’m so glad your husband has been able to move past pks! Thank you for sharing💖 OH, & congratulations on your little bean!🌱 @lynsweetart Your art is so fun, & I have seriously been loving your @therollingstudio adventures ! Living vicariously through you two beautiful souls😄💕
  35. supermarijanio_710 Czesc Nazywam się Key 👻 That’s #polish if you didn’t know. That’s my heritage (: I’m just in the midst of learning the language but hey, practice makes perfect! 😀😉 If you haven’t recognized I love to send out great vibes and leave the crowd with smiling faces 😊💞😸 I’ve actually been through unimaginable events throughout my whole life and I’m pretty damn proud of the woman I’ve helped myself become (: I just always believe in myself and hold myself yo my self standards! 🙏🙌 one of the biggest struggles ive had to go throughout my life and one of the biggest reasons why I use #cannabis to help #medicate myself is fibrosistic breast disease. It’s where I get a bunch of benine lumps throughout my breast that swell and come with excruciating pain. 😖😭😱I will always use CANNABIS OVER PILLS any day ! Hey gerrl @happytokes it’s been a couple weeks now since we medicated together at Cannabis Cup at my booth ! 😸🍯👽🔥Madison is such a wonderful energy to be around! I remember when we both first met each other at Hash Bash ! We both locked eyes and were pretty stoked to meet each other. Oh goodness it was a snowy smokey rainy day but unforgettable for sure! But I hope we get to sesh some more here soon because I do miss your smiling beautiful face everyday (: I hope you guys got to know me a bit with out me writing a book on here lol . I really enjoy the work that is put into these pendants and it would seriously make my soul feel even more blessed if I won one ! Especially from @happytokes which would make it even more sentimental(: thanks Fam for taking time to read about me wish me luck ! 💞💗
  36. chronicallyapril Hi! I’m April. I’m not sure how I found @happytokes but I’m glad I did! I feel connected to the tribe because we all agree on a subject that many find controversial ✌🏻️Its hard to start a convo about cannabis with must anyone, but not when it comes to tribe members! ❤️❤️❤️ About me…I suffer from chronic illnesses & I recently kicked cancer’s ass 💪🏻chronicallyapril@normacasas505@hempresshayla @thegirl.below
  37. amandablaze420 High, I’m Amanda👋🏼 I found the @happytokestribe when you were doing that massive scavenger hunt giveaway, which was great fun! (; Since then I’ve been following up on @happytokes@happytokestribe@happytokes_eats and @cambio_shenanigans! I love the uniqueness of each page and the similarities and good vibes each brings as well. @jennywakeandbake I know you’d love a chance at this beautiful pinecone collab as much as I would! Goodluck tribes-people ☺️🙏🏼🍀
  38. blazedbreezyHi, my name is Breezy. I stumbled upon @happytokes and the @happytokestribe while I was living down South in Florida. I was using cannabis to help curb my anxiety and depression and account like Madison’s helped me to stay true to natures medicine and give up all of the Big Pharma drugs I was on. Now I’m happily living in Colorado, a little over a year into my own dread journey, and slowly making a name for myself in the cannabis industry. I started my own all natural and organic bath and body products shop, where I offer a cannabis infused line of various products (@breezybathbombs ) Seeing strong women out there making a difference with nature’s medicine has inspired and driven me to be the person I am today. Also, @gibbs_glass fuckinf rocks. Found his stuff in a glass group on Fb and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I will own one of your rigs one day homie!!! @little_errlmaid get in on this!
    • spiralflow@blazedbreezy congrats on your biz!! What an exciting endeavor ☺️ my own dreads are 6 months old ! So fun ❤️
  39. sarahflowbeara Hey there #happytokestribe! I am Sarah, and I reside in the ever lovely #naturalstateofmindArkansas 😊🏞 I first discovered Madison @happytokes through my private insta account whenever I was a closet medicinal user and was currently dealing with some pretty heavy health diagnoses all by my lonesome. She gave me a new perspective on how you can still remain positive and be a light in a dark world no matter WHAT your situation/life experiences may be!!! I’m forever grateful for finding her account, and for having the opportunity to actually meet her in person along with my beau @swankglass and our brother for life @galileoglass. What an amazing day that was!!! I LOVE glass and the entire art / culture that goes along with it, so I definitely would love to support @gibbs_glass as well 🙏🏽✨💕 currently working towards being a medical patient (in this state or another 😆) and a potential advocate for cannabis and all it’s wonderful medicinal qualities! I’ve overcome so many of my ailments and am working towards getting off of prescriptions every day! ✊🏽🙅💊I try to make the world a better place by sharing a lot of love with all who I encounter and by making them feel like family from the start. I’ve never met a stranger 😋 love and light to you all! Check out this giveaway @chillaxbach 💕💕💕
  40. artwith_hart Greetings all 😊 I’m Lindsey and I’ve done art before for the #happytokestribe I love the community, everyone is super chill and open minded. Initially, I think I found your @cambioaccount, because I love make up art, then I found out you went to ccs which I thought was awesome, since I attend wayne state across the street 😅 and the rest is history. I love the versatility of cannabis, I have some severe joint pain in my jaw, tmj, and it’s the only thing to help relieve the pain. The topical lotion is a life saver, I don’t know what I’d do with out it. I spent tons of money on physical therapy and specialists, when all I needed was the one thing they didn’t want to give me. So now, I want to share the good news with others, because I know how it feels to be frustrated and at a loss with chronic pain. So if there’s any way I can help with it, I want to. Much love to you 😍✌ you’re fantastic @happytokes , keep it up 😍😍 @shannon_r_bro check this lady out, she’s wonderful
    • spiralflow@artwith_hart that’s too cool! I graduated high school in Rochester Hills! Lots of my classmates went to CCS ☺️
  41. whitney3102224 Good morning. I’m Whitney, mom of 9, living in Washington. I was first introduced to @happytokestribe as I slowly was introduced to Instagram and an trying to search out positive images of cannabis, I’m all about breaking the stigma. After my new husband introduced me to medical marijuana I was amazed how much it upped My mom game. Over a year later and I found it’s much more than baking motherhood bearable, my cervical cancer was reversed and my husband back surgery wad no longer needed. I am very holistic and natural and am in love with trying to change the stigma of this natural miracle
  42. robinsomniacHey doll! I was introduced to @happytokes a lil while back through the magical forces of instagram, then came to find out quite a few of my friends follow as well! Forever touched by your colorful and warm personality, and determination to spread medical marijuana knowledge and get rid of the stereotype that has been tied to smoking weed for way too long. Your dreadlock journey inspired and encouraged me to redo my own locks & I am forever thankful! It’s a goal of mine to one day own a pinecone. My girlfriend has a collection going & let me wear one to a concert we went to recently, the craftsmanship that goes into those beauties is amazing! Fantastic work @thirdeyepinecones. One day I’ll pick one out and buy it, for now, giveaway entries it is! 😊
  43. hazeyhippieI believe i found you on twitter before i even made an insta, then found your GoodVibeTribe through here(: I wanna say i heard you from Coral Reefer too, but m not 100% sure haha. Anywho, on my adventures to find more like minded canabis lovers- I found your amazing page & more every day because of you(: living with Scoliosis my whole life, physical thearpy & pain killers didnt do anything to help. But keeping up with a routine of yoga & stretching along with my helpful friend Mary- each day is more bearable😊
  44. 420smilezzWell I joined the happy tokes tribe after I started an instagram with the thought that I would show my process of moving on past my illnesses and hopefully show how cannabis is a life saver, I have been diagnosed with a very rare brain tumor usually only found in young children, which causes something called recurring hydrocephalus due to the obstruction the tumor causes. All of that is just a fancy way of saying i get blocked ventricles which fill my brain and the surrounding areas with cf fluid causing it to swell. Hopefully one day I’ll have enough saved to start Full extract cannabis oil (the REAL CANCER KILLER). Cannabis is the only pain reliever that continually works wonders for me, helping me with complications from the tumor like near constant nausea, headaches, neuropathy, and dizziness. Lately I’ve been feeling like absolute crap, but your positive vibes, and that of many others on instagram keep me going ❤ annnnnd not even going to beat around the bush, I’ve totally been dying for a @thirdeyepinecones pemdy forever, and my birthday is thr 23rd so that would be the best present ever! 😉 @domimama should definitely enter, she deserves this more than I ever would 💕 love and light to all you wonderful people in the #happytokestribe
    • spiralflowAll my love to you in your time of healing @420smilezz 🙏💖❤️
    • 420smilezzThank you so much @spiralflow that means so much to me. 😊💙 I can use all the good vibes I can get right now❤
  45. likesirensandsailors My name is Kimiko but everyone calls me Kimi. I’m from Hawaii originally but I’m living in Texas right now while I attend college. I’ve always been a little different from my friends and family. The mall bores the hell out of me, I’m not into clubbing, and I’m a die-hard eco-lover. I used to smoke cannabis to alleviate my anxiety but when I was diagnosed with asthma (unrelated to my smoking of course) , it became clear that I’d have to stick to edibles. I love natural remedies and would much rather use cannabis than anxiety pills that have side effects like possible kidney and liver disease. In fact I’ve actually used my love of nature to help me battle some of my health issues. Hiking has helped my strengthen my lungs against my asthma, diving has eased my anxiety levels, and gardening has forced me outside on my bad days and as a result, my depressive episodes don’t last as long now. I love the connection I feel to the earth and how much I’ve seen my physical and mental health improve the more I connect with it. It’s no wonder I’ve become a professional tree-hugger (a title I proudly wear btw). I’ve organized beach clean ups, completely stopped using disposable water bottles and plastic bags, I recycle literally everything that can possibly be recycled, I only buy brands that have eco-friendly practices (which limits me a lot), I work with environmentalist groups, I participate in invasive species projects (the last one was pulling an invasive plant out of a river so the indigenous flora could thrive), I mean, I even made my own composter for my apartment (AND finally convinced my roommates to use it); I’ve completely changed my own life but it’s not enough. More of us need to be conscious of how our every day habits affect our beautiful planet, this is why I’m hoping to launch a campaign next year that would get people more involved in environmentalism and hopefully make them realize the substantial impact our choices have. I don’t want to change the world, I want to change people’s minds and perceptions so that we can save our world. That’s my connection to the tribe. Not only the innate connection we all have as children of the universe but a deep and profound love and respect for our natural state, for the unbelievable gift we have been given, and for each other. In our lifetime, the world will be able to sustain us. It is our children, their children and their grandchildren who will either pay the price or reap the rewards for what we do. Saving the world means caring enough to fight for it regardless of whether or not we are the ones who will benefit. The tribe understands that and they’re the ones I’ll be looking to to help me do this. 💕 Sending you both love and light, @happytokes and @gibbs_glass. Oh, and I forgot to mention but I found @happytokes randomly one day. I had just gotten my asthma diagnosis and I was suffering from the effects of a negative lifestyle (which hits you extra hard when you live with mental illness). Anyway, I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram when I stumbled upon one of your pictures. Something about you seemed so… At peace. I wanted to know how you did it, how you could possibly feel so okay with the world. So I went through your feed and read dozens of your posts. Everything was about love and connecting and openness and I didn’t get any of it. I didn’t feel that way. So I decided to follow you and try to change my mindset. At first, it was just a lot of going through the motions, doing what it seemed like someone like you would do. Months later I was parked on the side of a mountain at night just dancing under the stars with some new friends and I realized that I had completely changed and hadn’t even noticed it. I found you on accident and I couldn’t be more grateful for having done so.
    • spiralflow@likesirensandsailors oh my gosh my friend just named her baby your name! Small word 😍 I love your message and what you do ! So empowering 💚✨ Do you mind me asking if you make or buy your medibles?
  46. pinchthisfinchThe names Finch! The funny thing is I actually found this tribe through @gibbs_glass. I’m so in love with intracit and crazy glass designs and the other day he posted he was doing a giveaway with this groovy chick. So I decide to give happy tokes a scroll through, since I was seriously jelly of her mad crazy locks, and I instantly fell in love. You are seriously a lot of what I aspire to be.I guess my story starts during highschool, I had felt lost during that time and suffered from clinical depression for a number of reasons, so after i graduated i decided to volunteer and move to israel for a year to experience the world for myself. I went over there to study, but I also helped refugee children, volunteered at soup kitchens for the first six months.. those six months might have been the most uplifting yet hard times of my life, my parents divorced during this time which sent my depression to an all time low, but i was able to be introduced to cannabis. Through new friends and some very profound/therapeutic smoking sessions was able to regain my footing in the world, i was able to branch out, gain different perspectives and over come the crippling depression that once shadowed my whole life. Cannabis became the best anti-depressant/ anti-anxiety meds i could ever have. Once i understood my place in life i stayed in israel an extra six months volunteering on a kibbutz with immigrants near gaza. I now reside in South Carolina, where I actively enjoy serving the community, hiking, traveling to fests, and living my life, Ive become such an open free spirited hippy and i honestly love it. Preaching love and openess is one thing but to see in it in action is another thing entirely. I honestly didn’t even know something like this group existed in social media. It’s clear that this page and the happytokestribe has brought a lot of people together and helped so many people get through so much shit… I mean even scrolling through these comments it’s incredible to see how lives have been changed. I know I am very new to y’alls group but I’m so happy to now be a part of this, and hopefully do some life changing myself. Can’t wait to contribute in my own ways. ☆u☆
  47. iamgarren@happytokes@happytokestribe @gibbs_glass I am so thankful for the space created and held by you two for us to share our unique and powerful stories as a community. I find myself hesitant to share because it is not legal where I live. I “fear it being brought to the light” as family may disown me or my job could be at risk. But, I choose to share my story from a genuine and brave place. I am Garren G. Pryor. I was born raised and reside in SLC, Utah. I found Madison and the tribe on my “suggestions” page. Instagram was spot on! I turned to marijuana this February to curb my anxiety. After several traumatic experiences and the push and pull of medication I felt like giving up, but instead I gave in. I have overcome sleepless nights, stomach pain, my anxiety has decreased by at least 80%. The anxiety that I experience from time to time is situational and more controllable than previously. I used to have it 24/7 for no reason. It has also activated and engaged my creative self. I am a lot more happy and have more sense of myself rather than all my emotions. (I accidentally sent my entry with out bro finished! But, I think it gets my heart and point across. So much love!)
  48. blazedbonesI am Maya and I struggle with mental illness.. Eating disorders, bpd, (hard to say that so publicly) and major depression. Cannabis helps me, and instagram gives me a place to make friends. I’ve had venting accounts since I was in early high-school and I’ve known some of the people I follow for years and they are some of my closest friends. I have NO idea how I found happy tokes but I’m so glad I did! It’s really been a revolutionizing page for my Instagram expetience
  49. see_differentHello all of of you! ^ Reading all of these entries and responses is so amazing 😊 I should probably start typing my own introduction instead of quietly enjoying everyone else’s behind my phone screen. My name is Abby 👋🏼 and I’m unsure how I came to follow the @happytokestribe 🤔 I do know that being involved in this tribe has made me more open about using cannabis than I was in the past and overall a much more confident and open person! I truly mean that. It is such a breath of fresh air to find people who are cannabis friendly and who are also out to help one another. I find myself connecting with more and more people and even going out of my way to do so! I’ve been enjoying every bit of it along the way too. It is such a wonderful feeling to feel accepted. Which brings me to my younger years. I personally started to use cannabis to overcome some of my teenage struggles especially in coming out to my parents as queer. My parents did not take this well and suicide was even threatened if I was gay. Many material things were dangled in front of me during this time. I was told I could no longer have the things they had given me to succeed if I were to continue down this path of being apart of the LGBT community. I found using cannabis made everything I was going through a lot clearer. That nothing else really mattered except for being honest with myself. That being myself was not evil! That I was a good person even if I had feelings for the same sex. Cannabis helped me calm my nerves and fears. I loved the way it helped me think differently. On top of these early life experiences I also have anxiety, OCD, and was even diagnosed with PTSD at age 17. Medicating can turn some of my hardest days into the happiest. Some other tribe members and I have been sending happy mail to each other all summer too. I’ve been knotting hemp bracelets and passing along glass pendants to some really awesome kind people. I helped complete a few of our tribe members @happytokes sticker collections with the first edition set you released with these goodies too! I had a little chat going on my page about passing around a micro pipe by @jesa_bobesa and three lovely happytokers ( @whitssmoketrail @_hi.lovely @hay_nolan ) collaborated the title: “The Stonerhood of the Traveling Pipe” 💚 I love it! The little mini should be here Friday and I cannot wait to adore it for awhile and pass it on. Seeing the adventures it takes all over the world will be so exciting for me to follow! I’m a small town highway town Kansas girl, but bartend at a place right off the interstate. You wouldn’t believe the people I come across!! It’s pretty cool to see so many people from literally all around the world. I enjoy engaging with strangers about a plethora of topics. Even with so much political jargon lately I have found enjoyment in conversations. I believe communicating about some of the most undiscussed topics can open someone’s mind to something they previously never considered. Even if their way of thinking is only altered slightly that is what it’s all about for me! I have mastered looking past rude gestures and inconsiderate pricks you can’t avoid over the years. Some customers will try anything to ruin your night or get under you skin. Kill ’em with kindness or fake it till you feel because giving them that satisfaction is not an option. #happytokestribe is better than that ❤️✌🏼️ we spread LOVE. Make this world a better place 🌏🌍🌎 @smokeytokeprincess I think you should consider entering this. It was a little intimidating for me at first. Now that I’m about to hit send (again) I’m really happy I did it. Sharing isn’t always the easiest for me! Loads and loads of love from me to all of you who opened up in their comments. Even more to the ones who just aren’t quite ready to share yet.
    • jesa_bobesaYou are truely a beautiful soul @see_different 💞 I will share my story soon. For now, I thank you for sharing. I am so glad you listen to your heart 👭 and and it makes me so happy to know there is a song 🎶 about my glass and can’t wait to see your adventures. Thank you @happytokes for the inspiration and opportunity 😘💕🍀 these are so beautiful good luck to you
    • whitssmoketrail@see_different It’s sad to hear that part of your story, but it was equal parts heartbreaking & wonderful, I’m so happy you have risen above the pressures of societal convention & the horrible words from those close to you & can be comfortable knowing that you are you, it’s beautiful & I really admire your inner strength!💕 thanks for sharing lovely!✨
    • see_different@whitssmoketrail I’m tearing up reading your comment. In absolute joy you took the time and poured your heart out to me for sharing some of the ugly things in my life. It means the world to hear things like that. @jesa_bobesa I don’t think I would have shared this anytime soon if it wasn’t for this opportunity and the @happytokestribe love that is always growing! I started typing (a lot) didn’t copy it, and hit send but it was too long to post I assume. I then wrote it all down by hand to write on my phone and separate it. As I was writing it all out I second guessed sending it, but I stuck to my gut at about 3am ha. This tribe picks each other up and supports people who are just themselves doing their thing it’s truly something. When I read your response I was so grateful for such an accepting and loving compliment. I too have been touched by many of these comments and think every story is filled with strength and such genuineness. So many incredible souls involved in this circle of love.
  50. smokeytokeprincessHi guys. 😊 My name is Katie and I am from Wyoming. A friend of mine showed me @happytokesand that is what inspired me to start my weedstagram as smokeytokeprincess almost two years ago. Medicating with cannabis helps me get through a lot of anxiety and physical pain I experience on a day to day basis. I have gastroparesis, a stomach condition where the vagus nerve is damaged. When I don’t have cannabis, I am in pain all day and I have absolutely no appetite. With the help of cannabis, my pain isn’t unbearable and I even get hungry enough to eat! It is so awesome that sometimes I cry happy tears just because I am so thankful to be hungry. Since I have this chronic condition, sometimes I don’t get to go out and socialize as much as I want to. That’s where the @happytokestribecomes in!!! Everyone is so lovely and I am so thankful to get to know some of you. You guys are seriously the best and I have no clue what I’d do without you. 💕
  51. hooplovefireandflowI was first introduced to @HappyTokes by fellow Alaskans in our cannabis community. The Madison and the @HappyTokesTribe have inspired me to be more open about my cannabis story and how it saved my life. I sustained a concussion in 2011 that knocked me from what felt like the time I was on top of the world as a performer and with my confidence. I lost it all I thought because my cognitive mind didn’t work and trying to think things through I’d get radio silence. It was a month before Christmas and I could not even remember a single holiday classic, even the ones I knew for 20+ years. Vision changes, constant nausea, and the first migraines of my life led to me illegally getting terminated illegally from my job I was injured at. In order to stop my initial six week long constant migraine I had to do IV infusions to try and break it. My now husband who was one of two people who basically rescued me from an unsafe living situation in that I lived far from my doctors and between was the deadliest stretch of highway in the state. He actually administered my infusions (three shots three times a day for three days) and had me vaping with our Volcano. It was at the same time that my friend retaught me building hoops to help my motorskills and cognitive mind. Eventually I got my head back and I had credited it all to hooping but my migraines and emotional trauma I experienced lingered for about a year and a half and the only medicine that worked for me and my pain, fear of feeling like I was experiencing things for the first time due to my head injury and cognitive mind being sent through the ringer, and depression of having such sudden major changes in who I was. Fast forward to 2014 when we were able to collect signatures to legalize recreational cannabis use in Alaska… My daily migraines subsided to every few months to every six months to once a year for a truly terrifying one. I was inspired by how much it had helped me overcome so I worked hard on my first ballot initiative campaign and it passed. After it passed I was given the opportunity to help connect with the Alaska cannabis community because we no longer felt we needed to hide out. Being able to share my experience with my family and friends first who were not cannabis users opened their eyes to the possibilities. When I was able to talk to the community I saw that we were primarily all medical Marijuana users. Because of the fact that is the case and recreational doesn’t do enough for us I want to help push for the next Medical Marijuana bill for Alaska. I am one of the pioneers on the last frontier for the rest of the country. Five years later after my head injury and rehabilitating myself with hooping and cannabis I am in a better place mentally, cognitively, as an artist, as an educator, as a community activist, and now somebody who is even running for office (on my primary ballot August 16th!!!!!!) – to inspire more people like us to run. We can change the world for the better with our experiences and we can continue to normalize being a cannabis user because it saved my life and I don’t know where I’d be without it or our @HappyTokesTribe who inspire me to be brave for a happier, healthier, and stonier tomorrow ♡ Thank you Madison for inspiring me and making me feel like it is right to ask questions like at the Jane Sanders Town Hall events concerning making medical Marijuana available in states who have and will legalize and also of our marijuana control board and state and federal legislative bodies. I feel like I am going places majorly in part because of my use of medical marijuana making me capable of living a normal life after my injury that I thought was the end of my life. I am all teared up because I haven’t explained how much of an impact it made I don’t think @happytokes but I am happy to because you made such an impact on me these past going on years now. Thank you for being a light for the cannabis community ♡
  52. happychef_bHello Everyone ☀️ My name is Brenna. I was introduced to @happytokes by @_hi.lovely when I first got Instagram she was doing her scavenger hunt. I remember sitting on @_hi.lovelycouch as we were trying to hunt down all the clues and I was just kind of looking at my phone like ..whaaat I don’t understand anything!! Haha so it really helped me “get to know” Instagram. I’ve been a follower ever since mostly quiet until a little more recently. I always love seeing and reading the post from @happytokes and also @happytokestribe I learn a lot about the flower we all love and all the great souls that make up this wonderful community and get introduced to some pretty amazing products. I mostly use flower recreationally .. I am happy it helps so many of you in your daily lives.. Wishing you all happy positive vibes 😁💛✌🏼️
    • see_differentAwe @happychef_b I too loved that scavenger hunt and I was glued to Instagram for days with that! Seriously the most fun I’ve ever had on this app! And the loot for winning was frikin massive and filled with so much awesomeness!!! I loved the difficulty of it and I felt like such a badass finding out the clues 😂
  53. labellavita72I got introduced to happy tokes through Facebook on my journey with CVS @knewsh3
  54. gemmarcyThis beautiful piece looks like a tornado of glass and that makes me think alot about myself Marcy Gem LeFave and what disasters and chaos I’ve been though . Each problem make me stronger like this pinecone it’s comes from a tree who only produces a seed when a fire is threating it’s life . I’ve been my experiencing alot of lifes rough journey’s of bliss and disaster this necklace proves to me the greatness and passion the wonderful creators had when making it. Absolutely amazing piece . You art has changed my life to allow me to share my gifts with others
  55. blazedbonesI rarely have time to comment or always engage, but cannabis changed my life, and you’ve changed my Instagram experience. You’ve shown me that beyond weed helping me, there are also other amazing souls that form a loving community. After a recent trip to the psych ward, and detoxing from meds, weed was always there to act as an unofficial antidepressant.
  56. shakeit_sugaree82My name is Amanda & I have suffered from depression & anxiety since I was around 12 years old. I initially started following @happytokesbecause of @thirdeyepinecones I saw a pic of that radiant smile & the beauty of the natural jewelry. I medicate to allow me to get out of bed everyday & to stay off of the anti-depressants that did not allow me to behave like my true self. I love seeing the soulful, kind, gorgeous images & words that you post. It makes me think, that with advocates like @happytokes, we might have a chance at changing the stigma revolving around the uninformed, negative, propaganda about cannabis that is everywhere. I want my kids to live in a world where we make informed decisions, based on fact, that betters our communities, rather than listen to the uneducated political slander based on only opinions. 6 years ago, I got divorced, lost my career, & then lost my mother. Medicating helped me to overcome, and Instagram gave me hope! I don’t do enough to make our world a better place, but I’m inspired to change that. Keep doing what you do, because it makes the future brighter.
  57. terpgoddessHi, I’m Kira (: I’m from Lansing Michigan and I work at a medical marijuana dispensary and for RawZen extracts making topicals. I love the happytokes and happytokes tribe pages and all the positivity they bring. It was amazing meeting you, Madison, at the cannabis cup and I would have loved to have some more time to chat if I hadn’t been working! Cannabis has been a lifesaver for me. I’m diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, a severe mental illness that results in a lot of mood swings and impulsivity, among other things. Cannabis is the only truly effective natural mood stabilizer and it has helped me so much. I can function on a day to day basis and hold a job, and I no longer am dealing with severe side effects from psych medication. A friend mine also has CVS and I’ve seen it help her tremendously the way it has you. I love being in the industry and helping to make a difference, naturally (: this pendant is beautiful and would always be a reminder of the tribe and all the positivity radiating around it. Thank you for the opportunity. Namaste 🕉
  58. kimmierose22My name is Kimmie and I’m 48 yrs young. I am originally from A small town in central NY, but have been living in Charlotte,NC for the last 20 yrs… I am not sure how I found our lovely Miss Madison, but fell for her and this awesome community she has so lovingly been building. And thanks to this awesome tribe have discovered awesome people, awesome products, and unbelievably talented artists. I’m a dread head, a mom of 5, been married to my best friend for 30 yrs, a dog lover, a nature lover, a self teaching artist. I love mixed media art, charcoal, graphite, and watercolors. I’m not very proficient, but have fun learning. I am also a survivor of childhood cancer. I had Acute Lymphosarcoma. I went through 3-1/2 years of Chemotherapy, and had 21 radiation treatments. As a result of my treatments I now have lots of long term health issues. I also have severe chronic insomnia, and degenerative arthritis with spinal stenosis in my lumbar spine and have had spinal fusion done which leaves me in lots of pain. NC unfortunately has not seen fit to pass medical marijuana laws as of yet. Hoping, praying that will change soon. I take Morphine for the pain. One of the things I love about this community is I’m not alone with my health issues. My hubby and kids are great, they are understanding of bad days. I can’t say that for others. It’s not that people are uncaring, but don’t always understand why I can’t go shopping, or want to hang out, when you’re consumed by pain or exhaustion, or that pain levels dictate your day, not everyone gets it. Here everyone gets it!!! That’s AWESOME!!!! Though I’ve been following @happytokes & @happytokestribe for a while, this is my first time entering a giveaway. How could I not with these gorgeous @thirdeyepinecone necklaces by @gibbs_glass?? They are freaking GORGEOUS!!! So thank you both for this chance at a chance to win one. Much love to @happytokes@gibbs_glass, and to the whole tribe!!! ❤️💚💙💛💜🙏🏼😍
  59. londonsierrahHey Madison 🌞✨ I’m London and I’m from Michigan just like yourself 🙂 I am a medical marijuana patient and use cannabis to ease my chronic migraines, and it’s been a huge godsend, allowing me to continue going to college and working without excruciating head pain. I’ve been following you for a year or so now, and you have been really inspiring to me with your activism in the medical marijuana community. When I first got my card, even though I was legal to consume, I was still conditioned to believe that my cannabis use was “taboo” and was afraid to share my passion for the plant with other people. Seeing how open you are about medical marijuana education and how enthusiastic you are with the #happytokestribe has been an incredible influence on me! Now I help collect signatures to get legalization on the ballot in Michigan 🙂 Small steps to make the world a better place, at least in Michigan 🍁🌎 Also- you were the first page to introduce me to @thirdeyepinecones way back in the day! I am so thankful because I wear my cones everyday and love them so much. This collab would make a great addiction to the fam 🌰
  60. 0bjectsinspaceI came across @happytokestribe only recently after finding your profile, Madison. I was so overwhelmed by your spirit and how free and bright you reflect yourself for the world; so naturally I was drawn into the beauty that you’ve created here. Having moved from an illegal state, I was being prescribed oxy and other pain killers to help with my endo. After landing in the hospital twice, I moved back home to Colorado where I could take care of myself. I obtained my medical card and started educating myself on how to stay healthy, and before I knew it, I was noticing such a difference! I haven’t put a pharmaceutical in my body in almost over a year! And I am able to help others become more aware of all the #healingaspects #ganja can reach! That’s my active duty- help others heal themselves with the use of cannabis. Working in a medical shop, I would say I do that every day 🙂 @kaysea__ if you don’t already follow her, I know you would love this page and all the goodness 🙏🏼💕 good vibes to all those out there who have entered, your words are beautiful and inspiring!
  61. sofl_buckeye710I’m 28 year old kidney transplant recipient from my dad. On Tuesday were celebrating our 21 year anniversary. Atm I’m in the transition of going back on dialysis and getting done the doc apts and classes needed in order to be put on the donor list. I’ve had 22 different types of surgeries from low back, bladder, both knees and lots more. Just a few years ago I found out that I have a really rare autoimmune disease called myastina gravis, if you don’t know what it is, it’s very similar to MS. When I joined ig, I joined hoping to find others like me that are in very complicated medical situations that find happiness thru art such as glass blowing etc. Also I’ve always been interested in learning how to work with glass and I figured ig would be a good starting point. So that’s where I found you guys and was immediately inspired by your talent. I just hope I can afford to have a piece done by yall And I just hope I have a really great chance in winning, that would be the bees knees and the best anniversary gift ever. Thanks for letting me tell you a small part of my story. Hope everyone has an amazing blessed rest of their sunday! @happytokes @gibbs_glass
  62. ladykatez@happytokes Above all else, I believe that peace and wisdom is derived from within. Change one mind, change the world. I can’t speak to a life altering disease or illness that cannabis has aided me to cope with and heal; I have been absurdly blessed with good health, and I am absolutely humbled by the stories above me- further solidifying my belief in the organic medical industry and how much potential it has to cure the world. Cannabis has aided me in forgiving myself, as the roads in life are not always smooth. A stable peace of mind is difficult to come by in a chaotic 21st century atmosphere. I see you provide a community around this platform (thanks to instagram for recommending your page to me) and you are a beacon to many. Cheers from Florida.
  63. catlikemeHello from KY! 🌻 I can’t remember how I stumbled upon your og account, but it’s been a joy to watch you grow and expand! I live with paranoia with a side of sensory overload. Cannabis helps me push past the fog and focus on what’s really important to me! I’m a seamstress and I recently started my own brand @darksideofthe_shroom so check that out, if you’d like! I want to thank you for all your light and love and wish you the best 🌞
  64. qualiaaaIm entering this so late but my name is sam im an inspiring yoga teacher/ photographer from virginia and my friend @see_different just told me about the amazing giveway your doing an well hopefully my optimistic attitude saves me and i will win todays giveaway ive ben in love with thirdeye pinecones for so long i hope my lateness doesnt exclude me! I love all of your blogs and hope you all have light and love in all of your futur endeavors!Thanks to feedback from the tribe @hooplovefireandflow was selected to receive this beautiful treasure. 

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