Tribe Leader, Katelyn shares “How to Get Involved”

HappyTokes: Many leaders of the #HappyTokesTribe become so, naturally. Katelyn @smokeytokeprincess is a prime example of someone who’s figured out so many awesome opportunities to connect. She goes above and beyond, setting an example for others regarding how to interact with myself and the tribe; check out her content from day one. Yes, she created the @smokeytokeprincess account because she wanted to interact with this community. ❤ How cool!

Katelyn: The most frequent question I have been asked: “How do I get involved with the @happytokestribe?”

  1. First, this is the HAPPY tokes tribe. So please remember to be kind and respectful to everyone and most importantly, spread some happy vibes!
  2. Start making some friends in the tribe through the comments on @happytokes page. Read through a few posts and find people whose comments you connect with. Add those people and show some love to their page. If you’re feeling extra bold that day, send them a direct message! Say hey and tell them you like their page; or even be as courageous as @happy.megz was to me by simply saying “we should be friends.” ❤
  • You can also find friends on the @happytokestribe page and in the #happytokestribe tags.

HappyTokes: (The @HappyTokesTribe page is a great way to discover and connect with tribe leaders and friends who have an understanding of how to document products and make friends within the #HappyTokesTribe!)


3. Be a beacon of positive energy and you’re sure to get noticed by tribe leaders and maybe even @happytokes herself! When one of us notices the hard work you’ve been putting into making others happy, we will surely reward you with some wonderful #happymail.

  • You can also make some pen-pal friends and send #happymail with each other. Rifle through your new penpal’s page and see what they like to get started on some ideas of what to send.
  • HappyTokes: HappyMail consists of Handwritten notes filled with good vibes and other goodies such as artwork, stickers or products from brands/artists featured within the HappyTokesTribe. 

4. Another way to be involved is to respond to @happytokes posts. She often asks questions ranging from something as small as “What imaginary flavor is this lollipop bowl from @emperialglass?” to something more deep like, “What is the kindest thing a stranger has ever done for you?” I encourage you to answer these thoughtfully! Dig deep into your wonderful soul and show us a tiny piece of it. Read other peoples’ responses and respond to them thoughtfully. Thank people for their bravery when they share something especially personal. Encourage them in their fight against their illness (many of us tribe members have chronic illnesses, visible and invisible) and encourage them in their fight for life!

  • Many of these posts with thoughtful engagement are shared with the hashtag #happytokestribetalks so that you and other tribe members can find them easier.

5. Document & Share!

  • Post about friends you’ve made in the tribe; about #happymail; of peace you found that day; or anything that will be sure to spread some happy.
  • Use the hashtag #happytokestribe so that other tribe members can see!
  • You can also use the hashtag #happytokestribecreates to share art or something you made with the tribe!
  • You can post photos or videos of yourself medicating with the hashtag #happytokessesh!
  • You can post about meeting other tribe members in person using the hashtag #happytokestribeunite.
  • Post photos of @happytokes stickers and other brands she is working to promote such as @cannasmack, @futurola, @shinepapers, and many, many more.
  • Original content is encouraged, but not necessary. You can repost content from brands/companies or other tribe members as long as you give credit to who is responsible for the photo, as well as the companies included.

6. Make sure @happytokes has your address for future #happymail by purchasing some stickers from her! This is how I began to gain momentum in the tribe when I first started. I was liking and commenting like crazy and I didn’t know if I was getting noticed or not, but kept trying anyway. Once I purchased stickers, I was able to post my own creative photos with the hashtag #happytokestribe and it seems as though I got noticed much easier in the tribe.
HappyTokes: Making a purchase is absolutely not required, but Katelyn’s experience with the stickers I sell starting at $1 each, is a great example of how to ‘get noticed’. I genuinely want to see where you stick the stickers you purchase. Also, if I already happen to have your shipping info on record from a previous order, its a bit easier for me to surprise you with HappyMail!



6. Another great way to get involved is to purchase products from the companies @happytokes is working so hard to promote. She is promoting companies with quality products, so you don’t really have to be afraid of purchasing something you’re not going to enjoy. Sometimes @happytokes even offers discount code “HAPPYTOKES” to save a little money on your purchase. Supporting the companies who donate their products to the tribe is incredibly important to let them know how very thankful we all are.

7. A newer way to get involved with the tribe is to participate in the “Pay it Forward HappyMail” system. When you visit, you will not only find @happytokes stickers but also “Pay it Forward HappyMail” package options. They range from $5-$40 and are an absolutely wonderful way to brighten someone else’s day. Your money goes toward wonderful treats that will make a very deserving tribe member happy.
HappyTokes: With every package sent out, I include a handwritten note that includes that name of the person who purchased that package and a note from them; the note also includes all brands or artists who contributed to the package. In addition to the goodies ordered by the new pen-pal, I add extra love from myself in hopes that the abundance will encourage the recipient to Pay It Forward too. 

8. Participate in the scavenger hunt! I didn’t play last year because I was out of the country with no service, so I am not exactly an expert on the scavenger hunt… yet ;).
HappyTokes: (Ha! She says this as she goes on to explain the fun in-store so eloquently!) But December 30th to January 2nd, @happytokes will be posting riddles and encouraging participants to dig through content of HappyTokes featured brands, friends, and creators until they discover a list of answers to their clues. The first one to deliver the correct answers wins the jackpot. Runner-up prizes are available and thank you’s are sent to all who provide proof of playing are given, for such a complex game.
HappyTokes: Thank you for your patience in receiving your thank you mail post-hunt. I’m a one-lady show. Handwriting sincere notes and filling all the shipping info out takes time. ❤

Katelyn: Being involved in this wonderful is so incredibly rewarding, even without prizes, mail, and other material things. Being a part of something so huge and happy is absolutely awesome.

Welcome to the tribe, lovely souls! We are so happy you are here. ❤

HappyTokes: I hope this explanation from Katelyn, a shining star within the HappyTokesTribe, helps you better understand how easy it is to get involved.

The tribe leaders in this community water and nurture it with their glowing sunshine and creativity. I’m so incredibly grateful for the natural tribe leaders who sprout up daily. With an ever-growing audience, its incredibly difficult to engage with everyone myself, all the time, but with your help this community can continue to blossom! ❤

Photos taken from @SmokeyTokePrincess via Instagram.
Featured Image shows @WhitsSmokeTrail (left) and @SmokeyTokePricess (right). These young women are both tribe leaders who met through the @HappyTokesTribe and decided to meet up in real life! #HappyTokesTribeUnite



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