@Acronym Detroit – Amy Cooper

Amy met me on Belle Isle to document the @HappyTokes peach Hemp Infused Lip Balm by Cannasmack, along with the Peach leggings with a matching pattern to the lip balm. It was a beautiful day out, which made the walk to the spot she picked quite enjoyable. It was quite the pleasure to work with Amy!


People and products featured:

  1. Cannasmack  Discount Code: HappyTokes for 10% off
     – @HappyTokes Peach Hemp Infused Lip Balm / Peach Leggings
  2. Trippy S.Wars Shirt design by @LynSweetArt
  3. Gibbons GlassThirdEyePinecones Necklace
  4. Glass By Boots Strawberry Pendant
  5. Borosilicate Opal Ring by AnesiaG

Pretty please be sure to properly credit the photographer @AcronymDetroit, if any of these photos are shared. ❤

Links to press where Amy’s photos from this shoot have been shared:

Join the Happy Tokes Tribe Video by Marijuana.Com

Cannabis Industry People by MerryJane.com

Cannabis Inspired Fashions by Merry Jane


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