@what5ever; Heather Delaney

This was my first time meeting and working with Heather. She agreed to meet me at Mattheai Botanical Gardens and was super punctual. I’m pulling down the winding road leading to the building and parking as I see her text me that she’s in the back cactus room ready to go!  After showing her a few of the products that I brought along to document we jumped right in. – Heather was truly a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her to any model, or company drawn to her photography. ❤

People and products featured:

  1. Cannasmack  Discount Code: HappyTokes for 10% off
     – Mango Kush, Blue Dream, Maui Wowie, Cherry Cough, @HappyTokes Peach Hemp Infused Lip Balms / Wild Orange Crush Hemp Infused Lotion / “Your Highness” shirt designed by @ieatsprinkles 
  2. Matcha Now by Buddha Teas
    – Options for Lightly Sweet and 100% Pure “Ceremonial grade Matcha Tea”
    – Twist the green cap to release fresh Matcha, now! Best drank freshly shaken and chilled!
  3. Loyalty Extracts shirt by Strain Game
  4. Gibbons Glass, ThirdEyePinecones Necklace
  5. Glass By Boots Strawberry Pendant
  6. Borosilicate Opal Ring by AnesiaG

Pretty please be sure to properly credit the photographer @what5ever, if any of these photos are shared. ❤


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