Talk to your loved ones about Cannabis.

Medical marijuana consumers of all ages struggle to find the right way to talk to their loved ones about their choice to use natural medication.

The following list will walk you through discussion points and offer some linked resources for further exploration, though you are encouraged to do most of the digging on your own. There are endless fascinating things to discover! Hopefully, some of this outline may ease the weight that comes from simply not knowing where to begin with a discussion that can often feel too personal.

– Check your tone & energy when conversing about this plant’s medicinal benefit. 
– Try not to become overly defensive; focus on positive dialogue
– Pay attention to vocabulary words, such as some that have been highlighted throughout this piece. Using the right words will contribute to a positive outcome.
– If you don’t know what something is, don’t be hesitant to look it up; solo or together!
– It’s okay to have been ‘wrong’ in regards to your pre-existing understandings of the plant.
– * Always check multiple sources!*

I’m so proud of you for taking this first step to get yourself prepared for this discussion with your loved ones! Whether you’re talking to a grandparent, parent, child, teacher, employer, therapist, coach or doctor… you are not alone. There is an enormous community of educated individuals who are present in the discovery and discussion of the benefits of cannabis. Welcome!


Thanks to all sources linked in this article & the respective authors responsible for content: (code: HappyTokes for $30 off) (code: HappyTokes 10% off)

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