#HappyTokesTour FREE Coloring Pages

(8.5 x 11) Save. Print. Draw. Color. Paint.

You’re welcome to color in just as is.


I would love to see these used as templates for new coloring book pages with YOUR ARTWORK surrounding the HappyTokesTour logo. (Please do not try to draw the logo, just add to the background!)

You are welcome to include branding/logos that *you own.*

Digital Illustrations/ Vector files may be placed in substitution of drawing. Please make sure to not use pixilated artwork.

DRAW SOMETHING FOR THE TRIBE TO COLOR IN – Scroll to the bottom of this post to see pages from tribe members.

If you decide to create a new coloring book page for the tribe to use, I will upload it here on this blog post, for others to freely print and color in too.

* Please use pen or marker so there lines are easy to see.

*Dont forget to include your IG handle on your artwork!

* Please photograph new coloring book pages from directly above, as flat as possible with good/natural lighting. OR Scan it, if you have access to a scanner.* Email your file to me at HappyTokesTribe@gmail.com with “Coloring Page” as the subject line

If you decide to COLOR IN any of the pages from below, please photograph your artwork by itself and also take a photo of yourself with your piece! DM to @HappyTokesTribe if you’d like us to share!

Page 1:HTT coloring book-01
Page 2:HTT coloring book-02Page 3:HTT coloring book-03Page 4:HTT coloring book-04
Page 5:HTT coloring book-05
Page 6:HTT coloring book-06
Page 7:HTT coloring book-07

Page 8:HTT coloring book-08
Page 9: “Skullies” Artwork by @NightlyNova

HappyTokesTour SkullySkulls.jpg

Page 10: “Gibbo” Artwork by @HandBlownDesigns for @GibbonsGlass

HAPPYTOKESTOUR gibbonsglass-02.jpg
Page 11: @MedicalPandas


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